Today I found out the guy that played Beanpole in 80s scifi drama The Tripods works in my school.


Not feeling very designery today – little Dante had his first night of not sleeping.


I should really do some more work on the Excelsior site – although I’m still waiting for them to hit me with some specific content.

Logo plan

This is one of the logo ideas – made in Illustrator and then dabbled in Photoshop

Well…DevelopDesign is no more

Say hello to developmedia!
Thanks to the fact that I’ve been producing a webpage for the lovely chaps down at Excelsior Comics – link to come – I’ve decided on a change of name.
Long live developmedia…
Now to work out how to add an image and show off the current logo idea…

Getting started…

This is my first ever blog – it’s supposed to be an opportunity to help me record the progress of develop design.
Let’s just see how things pan out eh?