zombie me

Logo Test – Small Version

Test test

Monster No. 3

It’s been a very very very very very very very very hectic week.

Sooooo this week’s vector creature is based entirely on a Chris Spooner tutorial…

I’m just too tired to be creative.

Here he is, in all his blue blobby glory.

Excelsior Logo


Monster Fun #2

Hmmm…I’m not so sure about this one – but here is VectorMonster#2 – kind of a Frankenstein Monster vibe…

Actually, the more I look at him the worse he looks…

Maybe for the next one I’ll have a go at drawing one by hand.


The first site from the develop stable is live! Well kind of – it’s all but done – there is one page that still needs to be tidied up, and one page is pretty much blank -buuuuuuut it’s out there.

It’s for an independent shop here in Bristol – lovely place called Excelsior Comics.

Check it out – any feedback gratefully received…

Monster Fun Number One

As promised…

Here is the first of a weekly series of monsters, ghouls and other such creatures…

Bless him


He’s based on a skull shape that always seems to crop up in my doodles. Welcome him – he is friendly.