How the chuff do you get your blog ‘out there’ so to speak?

  1. Networking fella. Its all part of social media integration.

    Get posting intersting stuff that people want to read then link your site to things like facebook, twitter, youtube, forums etc… Don’t just spam with stuff like ‘visit my site, its dead good’ simply link your url into your profile or in sigs on forums.
    Notice I have my website in my profile here? I’ve had some hits on my site which have come from here 🙂
    I will put a link to your site from my blog tonight 🙂

    • Cool – I’m going to link it on my wix site, which will be linked from Excelsior at some point.
      definitely avoiding spamming – just not sure how much interest i can write…

      • Also…how can i change my profile pic – i have some awful pattern thing at the moment…

  2. for your avatar. it follows you around the net as long as you use the same details.

    Pick a theme for the content for your site. If its general waffle then keep it flowing but if you have a theme then try to link up with people in a similar vein. eg if you go the teaching route then try to network with other teachers and post info for them. I try to keep my (and keep failing) to make mine 3d and 2d artwork but tend to just ramble. Regular posted artwork helps a bit.
    Also link twitter to your blog (if you can, dunno how to do it with blogs) so that when you post it tweets as well. I do mine through a plugin on my wordpress site called twitter tools

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